Public News Service

Public News Service (PNS) is a member-supported news service that advocates journalism in the public interest. On a day-to-day basis they connect with hundreds of grassroots organizations in 35 states on a cross-cutting range of social justice, environmental and economic issues. Currently, tens of thousands of media outlets receive their content and more than 8,000 nationally [Read More]


Meet a PCNer: Gopal Dayaneni

1) What communication work have you done? From my perspective, Strategic Communication, Grassroots Organizing and People Powered Direct Action are the three pillars of successful movement building. Of course they all go together. For decades our progressive movements have neglected the importance of narrative, story and framing, but the tide has turned and we’ve gotten [Read More]


“Rebranding” webinar presentation

PCN’s Boston/New England chapter hosted a webinar on rebranding presented by Charu Gupta of the Veng Group. It included the basics about the process of branding/rebranding, useful questions to ask within your organization, and two case studies of nonprofits that have redefined themselves. Thanks again to Charu Gupta for sharing her expertise with the PCN [Read More]