PCN Gatherings

PCNers generally get together once a year to exchange strategies, build skills and deepen our understanding of the field. PCN Gatherings are by invitation-only, to ensure that they remain a majority of people of color and we can hold a focus on communications to support racial and economic justice. To find out if you can be invited to a gathering, check out our Contact page.

Aug 062012

This gathering was held at the Cenacle retreat center in Chicago in May, 2011. Over 30 PCNers participated, highlights included:

  • Presentation of CMJ’s case study of their organizing against the T-Mobile Merger campaign
  • Report back from PCNer Sangita Nayak of Wisconsin on the Wisconsin Uprising
  • Three PCNers with books published or about to be published (Linda Stout’s Collective Visioning, Chris Rabb’s Invisible Capital and Jamala Rogers The Best of The Way I See It)

PCNers can add more highlights in the comments section below.



Aug 062012
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In 2010 we held our gathering in Detroit to maximize our networking possibilities with the Allied Media Conference and the US Social Forum. Highlights included: