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PCN is a project of Spirit in Action. We’re a national network of people who work as communications professionals or organizers who are focused on racial or economic justice, and who use communications tools and strategy. We teach each other, we support each other, and we help each other navigate the tough world of social justice communications.

At the heart of PCN’s work are deep personal and political relationships based on trust, integrity, and accountability that bridge identities, communities, organizations, issues, movements and ideologies. To this end, PCN is committed to bringing together an ever expanding diversity of participants - we continually reflect on the composition of our group and seek out new communicators to participate. We also seek to develop resources that are accessible and useful to grassroots organizing and civic engagement groups. We measure our success by our relevance and the strength of the connections in our network.

We understand that every individual is unique, that the aspects and combinations of diversity are infinite and that individuals can’t just be reduced to demographics. However, it is important that we name the aspects of diversity we see as relevant to building a broad based movement for justice. Our current list of diversity priorities include, but are not limited to:

  • People of Color and Indigenous Peoples representing a broad range of ethnicities including: African American/ Black, Asian American, Latina/o, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Multi-racial.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer folks
  • Youth and Elders
  • Working Class, and Poor folks
  • Geographic Diversity, including urban and rural areas
  • Issue and Movement Diversity (labor, environment, economic justice, prison reform and abolition, LBGT rights, anti-war, etc.)
  • Professional diversity (PR, media specialists, trainers, consultants, etc.)
  • Organizational diversity (grassroots, policy, think-tank, movement servicing, etc.)

We use this list of diversity criteria to set benchmarks for different areas of work. For example, the PCN Leadership Council and national gatherings must be made up of a majority of People of Color. So, we may be interested in collaborating, but you may not be invited to a Gathering right away.

To see what we’re up to now, check out our News and Updates.

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