Nov 202012
Matt Nelson at PCN's Meet and Greet at Facing Race in November 2012

About 20 PCNers from the East Coast, West Coast and everywhere in between gathered Friday, November 16th at a Meet & Greet hosted by Spirit in Action’s POWER UP Networks. The get together was the perfect chance for friends and colleagues old and new to reconnect in Baltimore as part of the Facing Race Conference celebrating The Applied Research Center’s 30th Anniversary.

As more than one attendee said, “PCN is like the ‘Hotel California’ – you can check out, but you can never leave!”

PCN wouldn’t have it any other way.


Taij Kumarie Moteelall, SIA Program Co-Director, shares highlights of her work with other Meet & Greet attendees.


Mingling and munching at the Meet and Greet

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  1. I couldn’t make it, but somebody just told me yesterday about the great PCN presence at Facing Race. Sorry to have missed you all!

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